Fault diagnosis as well as a complete overhaul on the most modern machines in the shortest possible time, with the possibility of disassembly and assembly of the turbine from and to the vehicle.

Together with a 12 month warranty!

What is a turbocharger and what is its role?

Turbo or turbocharger is the part of the engine that allows you to increase its power. Its role, in addition to increasing power, is to save fuel as well as to reduce the emission of harmful exhaust gases. They are installed in both petrol and diesel engines. When it comes to engines of the newer generation, it is slowly becoming an indispensable part, which was not the case with a large number of engines of some older generations. Thanks to the technological improvement of the engine as well as the constant race to reduce the emission of harmful exhaust gases, the turbo plays a major role in its efficiency. Leading turbo manufacturers are Garrett, BorgWarner, KKK, Schwitzer, Holset, IHI, Mitsubishi.

Za detaljno pojašnjenje rada turbo kompresora kao i razloga sve šire primene kliknite ovde.

How does a hazard occur and how is it resolved?

The most common reasons for turbo failure are lack of oil, irregular servicing of vehicles (oil and filter replacement), as well as foreign body entering the turbo. MR Group, as part of its business unit in Belgrade, provides the service of a complete rebuild of all types of turbos. Depending on the degree as well as the specifics of the damage, the following operations are available:

Available operations are:

  • Diagnostics
  • Turbo disassembly
  • Fault check up
  • Balancing
  • Replacement of faulty parts
  • Assembly of turbo set
  • Testing of the turbo
  • Vehicle assembly

Check out our processes.

Prijem turbine na rad WORK ORDER CREATION If the turbo is still on the vehicle, at first we control how it currently operates. If we realise that turbo needs rebuilding we inform the client about the necessary steps that need to be taken. At this stage, the turbine is visually inspected for damage. Defektaza turbine REVIEW The turbo is disassembled and inspected in detail to determine the cause of the failure as well as the consequences. Based on the thorough review, the client receives an offer based on the parts needed for the repair. Price of the repair depends on the degree of damage. Pranje i peskiranje turbine WASHING AND SANDBLASTING After the degree of damage has been determined, parts of the turbo are soaked in an ultrasonic bath to remove all impurities. At the end of this phase, parts of the turbine are sandblasted and ready for further operations. Balansiranje osovine turbine MR Group AXLE BALANCING The next step is to balance the axle, and then the turbine is tested on a test bench. At this occasion, we must emphasize that we have the equipment that allows us to test the turbines with electronic regulation (turbos of newer generation engine types). Remont turbine BALANCING OF THE MAIN ASSEMBLY The next step is to balance the central assembly, and then the turbo is tested on a test bench. On this occasion, we must emphasize that we have equipment that allows us to test turbines with electronic regulation (turbos of newer generation engine types). Sklapanje turbine TURBO ASSEMBLY Replacement of damaged turbo parts. Based on our experience so far, the central assembly, also known as variable geometry, usually suffers the most. Stelovanje protoka vazaduha turbine MR Group VARIABLE GEOMETRY ADJUSTMENT In this step, the turbo is assembled with all the necessary replaced parts. The last step is to adjust the airflow. After tuning, the turbo is ready for installation. Remont turbine FINAL CONTROL After the completion of all previous processes, our quality control department performs the final checks, and upon request, we install the turbo back into the vehicle in our service. Finally, the authorized person issues a warrany for a period of 12 months. Remont turbine pakovanje PACKAGING Once everything is done and double checked, the turbo is safely packed and ready for installation.