Reliability for every kilometer you make.

The keywords of any shipping company, transport company or a private carrier are reliability and speed. Your truck or bus are your tools, and we at MR know that. Make sure your vehicles have a lot more to offer even after an engine failure. Years of experience are behind us, and many more kilometres ahead of you with the engine repaired in our plant.


We specialize in complete overhaul of the freight sector of all manufacturers.

After you pull out the engine from your truck, bus or another transportation heavyweight, we take over the complete engine, dismantle it and review the entire assembly. We perform a complete overhaul of the engine, as well as a checkup or potential overhaul of the accompanying units (Turbos, nozzles, high-pressure pumps, etc.). Finally, the engine is restored to its factory condition and ready for installation back into the vehicle. With every engine that we completely overhaul, you get a one-year warranty! Each engine is tested on a test bench!


Nearly 7,000,000 trucks and over 1,000,000 buses are operating on the roads of Europe. Also, this number is growing each year.