New life for an old engine.

Feel the full power of your car again. Engine overhaul for all types of passenger vehicles is something we are especially known for throughout Europe. With over 200 overhauled engines per month, we represent the leading engine repair company from the Balkans.


All types of automotive engines and manufacturers.

Within our engine rebuilding factory MR Engines, we provide the service of general engine overhaul for all types of passenger vehicles. The overhaul includes disassembly and review of the complete engine, machining of the engine head, block, crankshaft and connecting rod, as well as replacement of all necessary parts, assembly, and final inspection and test of the engine in the engine room.

We also provide the possibility of installing the engine back into the vehicle itself. In that case first oil change is free!


1.4 billion

It is estimated that almost a billion and a half cars are driven around the world. Of that number, over 2,000,000 cars have been registered on Serbian roads.