State of the art machines set us apart from the competition. Our machine park consists of the complete assembly line for block machining by Rottler Manufacturing.

What is a cylinder block and what is his role?

Cylinder block is the basis of every engine. It is the largest and heaviest part of it. It houses the crankshaft, pistons with piston rings, connecting rods and other necessary parts. In other words, the engine block is the foundation, to which all the other parts of the engine are mounted.

According to the arrangement of cylinders in the block, the engines are divided into straight engines, V-engines boxer engines.

According to the method of cooling, the engines are divided into air-cooled, water-cooled, oil-cooled engines…

Engine blocks are made of aluminum (its alloys), cast iron, (gray cast iron) or alloys of iron and other metals (nickel, chromium).

How does a hazard occur and how is it resolved?

A breakdown in the engine block occurs due to poor engine lubrication, overheating of the engine, penetration of coolant into the cylinders or injection of a large amount of fuel into the cylinders. Poor engine lubrication mainly leads to the scrubbing of the crankshaft in its bearings and pistons in the cylinders. When coolant enters the cylinders or injects a large amount of fuel. Pistons may melt, connecting rods may break.

U zavisnosti od stepena kao i specifičnosti oštećenja, sledeće operacije su Vam na raspolaganju:

Available operations are:

  • Cylinder boring
  • Resleeving
  • Line boring (crank case boring)
  • Surface grinding
  • Nivelation
  • Pressure testing

Check out our processes.

Prijem bloka na rad WORK ORDER CREATION In order to speed up the process of finding adequate spare parts, we advise you to prepare the engine number of your car. It can be found in your vehicle's license card. (Only for Serbian clients). Pripremno pranje bloka FIRST WASH To give an accurate review as possible, the process of cleaning the engine block is the starting point. The block is washed in special machines that use a special powder to remove grease and crusty oil deposits. Defektaza bloka motora REVIEW Nakon što je blok temeljno opran, spreman je za precizno merenje. Prilikom defektaže utvrđuje se stepen oštećenja cilindara, i da li postoje vizuelne pukotine na bloku. Pored toga, kontroliše se i osa bloka. Blok je sada spreman za dalju mašinsku obradu. Razbusivanje bloka motora CYLINDER BLOCK MACHINING Once the degree of damage is established, the block can be bored to a specific measurement, or new cylinder liners may be installed. The first option is to expand the cylinder to a bigger size (oversize), while the resleeving represents the insertion of new liners and boring to the factory size. Ravnanje bloka motora SURFACE GRINDING (RESURFACING) It is of crucial importance that the cylinder head and cylinder block fit ideally one on top of the other. Sealing these two parts to have factory application is a must, thus the block surface must be ideally flat. Honovanje bloka motora CYLINDER HONING The process of cylinder honing represents fine machining after boring or resleeving of the block to obtain an ideal bearing surface of the cylinder. Our latest-generation machines make that process possible with the use of special diamonds for immaculate surface finishing. Finalno pranje bloka WASHING & PAINTING At this point, all machining processes are complete. Now is the time to focus on the details to make the cylinder block look like it just came out of the factory. Kontrola bloka motora FINAL CONTROL After the completion of all previous processes, our quality control department performs the last measurement checks of all cylinders, as well as a detailed visual inspection of the engine block. Pakovanje bloka motora PACKAGING FInally, each repaired part of the engine is packed in a protective bag to prevent foreign bodies from entering the treated part. Inside the package you can also find our warranty card / measuring sheet with the exact machining measures.