We offer machining services for both ends of all types of connecting rods.

What is a connecting rod and what is its role?

Connecting rod achieves the connection of the piston to the crankshaft. In its upper part, we have the small end (bushing) of the piston pin, through which it is connected to the piston. In the lower part, we have the big end (crank bearing) over which it is connected to the crankshaft.

How does a hazard occur and how is it resolved?

Damage to the connecting rod occurs as a result of poor lubrication of the engine and damaging of the crankshaft rod journals through which it is connected to the connecting rod. Then the damage to the connecting rod occurs in the big end of the connecting rod. When coolant penetrates the engine cylinders or injects a large amount of fuel, the connecting rod may bend.

Available operations are:

  • Small end machining (bushing replacement)
  • Big end machining
  • Connecting rod inspection (weight and tear)

Check out our processes.

klipnjace WORK ORDER CREATION In order to speed up the process of finding adequate spare parts, we advise you to prepare the engine number of your car. It can be found in your vehicle's license card. (Only for serbian clients). Pripremno pranje klipnjaca FIRST WASH In order to give the most accurate review, the connecting rods go through the preparatory phase of washing and degreasing. Defektaza klipnjaca REVIEW Once the connecting rods are thoroughly washed, they are ready for precise measurement. During the review, it is determined whether the small end bushings need replacement, and also if the big end sustained any damages. Merenje tezine klipnjaca WEIGHT MEASURING Measuring the weight of the connecting rod is important because it affects the transmission of force inside the engine. If one connecting rod is heavier or lighter than the others, engine operation may be unbalanced and may cause engine failure. Obrada male pesnice SMALL END MACHINING The small end represents the base of the piston pin which is holding the piston. Higher tolerances than the factory allowed may cause the engine to malfunction, so it is necessary to replace the bushings and process them to factory measurements. Obrada velike pesnice BIG END MACHINING The big end is connected to the crankshaft, and therefore if damage occurs, it must be machined to the measurements of the rod journal bearings, which in that case must be reinforced. This operation is more common in the freight and industrial program. Kontrola klipnjace motora FINAL CONTROL At this stage, machining is done, the bushings are replaced, and the weight is checked. The connecting rods are measured once more and checked for any defects. Pakovanje klipnjaca PACKAGING In order to prevent damage after machining, the connecting rods are lubricated and preserved in protective packaging after processing. Inside the package, you may find our warranty/measuring sheet with the exact machining measures.